Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Art reflection

Last term we learned about dance and drama. We focused on the elements of dance and drama. Daisy and I put together a dance showing learning opportunities at Waimairi School. I have put my learning on the rubric between multistructural and relational.

I have placed my learning there because I can say what I'm working on and I can create a dance that captures the heart of Waimairi School.

I have learnt about locomotor and non-locomotor movements in dance. Locomotor means stroll, jump, climb, scamper and gallop. Non- locomotor means bead, stretch, push, pull and swing. I've also learnt about body shape and body base. Body shape means stretched, curled, twisted, symmetrical and asymmetrical.

My next step is to get fully on relational, I plan on doing that by being sensible and making good decisions.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Discovery reflation

This term I have discovered how to make mosaics
with help from Anita, Izzy, Kate.S,Daisy and Manisha.  While doing the mosaics, my learning focus in discovery was to be patient to achieve a good result.

I was challenged to get the right tiles in the right place and the right colors to match the other colours. I have overcome these challenges by organising the tiles before I start my mosaic.

In term 4 I look forward to finish all my mosaics.


Sunday, 10 September 2017

Weird moments

Childhood memories
When you were little, were you a little darling angel or a little horrible monster? Well I was a little horrible monster. I remember putting a fake rat in my sisters sandwich. I'm going to keep that rat just in case. Have you ever hugged someone you don't know? Or had an evil plan to avoid eating pumpkin soup?

It all started with a normal day at preschool. I was only about two and a half or three but I thought that I was pretty smart. Mum would take me inside and I would always do the same method - grab onto mum’s leg and beg her not to leave because I dreaded eating the lunch.  Finally,  after awhile, I let mum’s leg go because I’d thought of a brilliant idea to deal with the lunch problem.

The problem was …….. everyday for about two weeks we’d had the same thing for lunch -  PUMPKIN SOUP!!! PUMPKIN SOUP!!! PUMPKIN SOUP!!! I hated pumpkin soup, I was totally sick of it.

A couple hours later it was time for lunch (I hate that time at preschool especially when it's pumpkin soup). When I saw the lady serving the pumpkin soup I felt butterflies in my stomach throwing up, making me feel sick. I couldn't handle it. When the lunch lady came up to me I couldn't even look at her. She gave me the bowl of pumpkin soup but then I remembered that great idea I had.

So I asked her if I could have two bowls of pumpkin soup. She looked a bit confused for a while but then she said “You must have learnt to like it.” I did I said quietly. So in the end she gave me two bowls of pumpkin soup. I said thank you……. but…….no thank you, and I grabbed the two bowls and chucked the bowls on the ground. “YUCK!!!” I screamed.

My brilliant, evil plan actually worked so now from that day it's not always the same for lunch. I still hate pumpkin soup. In my next memory I was a bit older. My next memory is about the wrong mother.

It all started with a beautiful spring day, just me and my mum. I'm about five years old.  We decided to go to the mall, and that was very rare because my mum hates the mall. I don't know why, maybe it's because I take about two hours to pick something, or maybe it's because I want to buy everything, or maybe she just hates shopping. I don't think that’s possible because everyone loves shopping, especially me.

We drove to the mall, I was overworked with excitement. I didn't know what to think, my brain was going crazy thinking about it. It took ages to get a park but that's normal. YES we finally got a park. I leaped out of the car with so much energy, sprinted inside, but I had to wait for mum because she decided to walk instead.

Once inside mall I saw the shops. I wanted to buy everything. Mum asked me if I was hungry. “Yes,” I said.  “I'm getting hungrier and hungrier looking at these clothes.” “Ok, ok” mum said. “We'll get some food.”

We went to get some food but then I got a bit lost.
OHO. I was a bit freaked out. Oh there's mum, at least I thought it was her. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug. Wait, hold on, that's not my mum. I took a big step back, looked up and immediately felt so embarrassed. I ran like crazy. I saw my mum for real this time and told her the whole embarrassing story.
She laughed so hard I swear I felt the floor shake.

Childhood memories are very special to me. You should always treasure yours too, even if you know they are funny, embarrassing and weird.

Monday, 7 August 2017

How planes fly?

How do planes  fly?

Have you ever wanted to fly or wondered how to fly? Picture this ... so  you're sitting by a tree in the shade and this plane comes along.  All of a sudden these questions come up in your head - how is it staying up in the air? How is it carrying so many people? HOW?!

Lift, weight, drag and thrust are all needed to fly a plane.
Lift is  air turned by the plane.  Lift holds a plane and a bird in the air. Lift is an aerodynamic, upward force produced by a difference in pressure due to airflow. Lift pulls a plane up to the sky.  Lift needs to be greater than weight to get the object off the ground. Lift is a force that works in the opposite direction to weight.

Weight is a force due to gravity. Weight is generated by the gravitational pull of the earth. Weight is a force that works in the opposite direction to lift.

Drag is sometimes called air resistance or fluid resistance. Drag refers to forces that oppose the relative motion of an object through a fluid (a liquid or gas). Drag is a force that works in the opposite direction to thrust.

Thrust is the force that moves an object forward. For example, the thrust of the engines on an aeroplane keeps it moving through the air. Thrust needs to be greater than drag for forward movement. Thrust is a force that works in the opposite direction to drag.

Lift needs to be greater than weight but the planes still need to travel fast enough for the wings to work, and thrust must be greater than drag. An object needs an  unbalanced force acted on it to change speed or direction. If you add more weight to the plane you would need more thrust and lift to get it off the ground and up into the air.  

In conclusion lift and weight seem the same but they are completely different - lift wants to go up  and weight wants to go down.  It's the same as thrust and drag they are completely different - thrust wants to go forward and drag wants to slow the plane down.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Camp moment: waking up

I slowly woke up feeling calm but tired.  I quickly tiptoed to the door on the rickety floor.  I slowly opened and closed the noisy door, the door handle felt colder than ice. 

I fast walked to the toilet noticing how dark it was. I felt scared because my torch was  fading fast. My freezing torch felt as cold as an ice block. As I walked back slowly, shivering and yawning, I accidentally shone the dull light into my half closed eyes, waking me up instantly. 

Once I was back in the warmth of my cabin, I quickly leapt into bed and fell back into a deep sleep. All I could think was, is the door still closed?

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

On Thursday we went to Halswell Quarry. We learned about rocks. I learned that 11 men, who worked and lived at the quarry, played poker and the person that won got the first bath. I choose this picture because it made me say WOW!!!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Tiffany and the terrible horrible no good very bad

It all started in the morning Tiffany woke up and said to herself it’s my birthday. Then her brother pushed her down the stairs with all his strength and broke her arm. Then she knew her birthday was going to a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

After the boring hospital she went home and sat at the table. Then the chair broke and she collapsed on the floor. Then she knew it was going to be a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

Her mum crept into the kitchen and asked “What have you done to the chair? You are not having a party instead you are going to clean up the toilets, start saving for a new chair and you are grounded for 3 weeks.” She knew it was going to be a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

This day has been horrible. As my brother came back into the room I screamed out to him “GO AWAY, THIS IS A TERRIBLE DAY FOR ME AND IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. COME ON, GIVE ME A BREAK. I DIDN’T DESERVE A BROKEN ARM.” I quietened down and took a deep breath and said “Why did you do this to me?” He told me to go outside. I went outside and he pushed me into a muddy puddle. I got very angry and I started crying, he started calling me a cry baby. I kicked him and mum saw me kick him and she screamed in horror “WHAT did you do Tiffany? You have been so mean to your brother today and you have got mud on your clothes. Explain yourself BUT no buts. Now you are grounded for 2 more weeks and you’ll get no presents for your birthday. It was a terrible horrible no good very bad day.