Monday, 14 November 2016

My character

Mr Noodle Bum has short, straight, brown hair and a long, blue curly fringe. He’s tall like a giraffe and he is fat and he wobbles like a very fat hippo. He has got a very bad style because he's a weirdo. He wears a bow tie and glasses, he has a moustache and a long goat beard, basically he’s a nerd. He has a big pig nose and little orange eyes. He wears dark green and light blue clothes because he shops with his eyes close.

Mr Noodle Bum’s habits are - he can’t stop looking at his hair and he loves eating bogeys. He behaves like a lion because he is very loud and he likes being a king. He hangs out in front of the mirror a lot and just stays at home because he is a bit boring. He lives in a big mansion, it’s got 10 awesome couches, a snow cone machine, a popcorn machine, 12 tv’s, and lots more. Mr Noodle Bum’s hobbies are eating and sleeping. He loves eating because he is the best eater that ever lived. The people he hangs out with is Fat Giraffe Girl and Mr Tree Man because he is a little bit lonely. When he goes to sleep he slouches on the couch.  As he sleeps on the couch he makes a booming noise while he snores his head off.

Mr Noodle Bum’s typical phrase is “sup dude” because he loves to call people dude and he was the dude of the year in 2015. Mr Noodle Bum’s voice has  a deep voice and he has a very funny mood. His accent is english. He talks loudly to everyone. He likes to be called drum dude because he is as loud as a drum.

Mr Noodle Bum typically hangs out with Fat Giraffe Girl and Mr Tree Man. His friends would describe him as loud, kind and goofy because he is funny. His friends say that he is cool and crazy. He lives in a loud city, it is only loud because of him. He loves his big, fat, yellow teddy called Cheese.



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