Sunday, 10 September 2017

Weird moments

Childhood memories
When you were little, were you a little darling angel or a little horrible monster? Well I was a little horrible monster. I remember putting a fake rat in my sisters sandwich. I'm going to keep that rat just in case. Have you ever hugged someone you don't know? Or had an evil plan to avoid eating pumpkin soup?

It all started with a normal day at preschool. I was only about two and a half or three but I thought that I was pretty smart. Mum would take me inside and I would always do the same method - grab onto mum’s leg and beg her not to leave because I dreaded eating the lunch.  Finally,  after awhile, I let mum’s leg go because I’d thought of a brilliant idea to deal with the lunch problem.

The problem was …….. everyday for about two weeks we’d had the same thing for lunch -  PUMPKIN SOUP!!! PUMPKIN SOUP!!! PUMPKIN SOUP!!! I hated pumpkin soup, I was totally sick of it.

A couple hours later it was time for lunch (I hate that time at preschool especially when it's pumpkin soup). When I saw the lady serving the pumpkin soup I felt butterflies in my stomach throwing up, making me feel sick. I couldn't handle it. When the lunch lady came up to me I couldn't even look at her. She gave me the bowl of pumpkin soup but then I remembered that great idea I had.

So I asked her if I could have two bowls of pumpkin soup. She looked a bit confused for a while but then she said “You must have learnt to like it.” I did I said quietly. So in the end she gave me two bowls of pumpkin soup. I said thank you……. but…….no thank you, and I grabbed the two bowls and chucked the bowls on the ground. “YUCK!!!” I screamed.

My brilliant, evil plan actually worked so now from that day it's not always the same for lunch. I still hate pumpkin soup. In my next memory I was a bit older. My next memory is about the wrong mother.

It all started with a beautiful spring day, just me and my mum. I'm about five years old.  We decided to go to the mall, and that was very rare because my mum hates the mall. I don't know why, maybe it's because I take about two hours to pick something, or maybe it's because I want to buy everything, or maybe she just hates shopping. I don't think that’s possible because everyone loves shopping, especially me.

We drove to the mall, I was overworked with excitement. I didn't know what to think, my brain was going crazy thinking about it. It took ages to get a park but that's normal. YES we finally got a park. I leaped out of the car with so much energy, sprinted inside, but I had to wait for mum because she decided to walk instead.

Once inside mall I saw the shops. I wanted to buy everything. Mum asked me if I was hungry. “Yes,” I said.  “I'm getting hungrier and hungrier looking at these clothes.” “Ok, ok” mum said. “We'll get some food.”

We went to get some food but then I got a bit lost.
OHO. I was a bit freaked out. Oh there's mum, at least I thought it was her. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug. Wait, hold on, that's not my mum. I took a big step back, looked up and immediately felt so embarrassed. I ran like crazy. I saw my mum for real this time and told her the whole embarrassing story.
She laughed so hard I swear I felt the floor shake.

Childhood memories are very special to me. You should always treasure yours too, even if you know they are funny, embarrassing and weird.

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