Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Art reflection

Last term we learned about dance and drama. We focused on the elements of dance and drama. Daisy and I put together a dance showing learning opportunities at Waimairi School. I have put my learning on the rubric between multistructural and relational.

I have placed my learning there because I can say what I'm working on and I can create a dance that captures the heart of Waimairi School.

I have learnt about locomotor and non-locomotor movements in dance. Locomotor means stroll, jump, climb, scamper and gallop. Non- locomotor means bead, stretch, push, pull and swing. I've also learnt about body shape and body base. Body shape means stretched, curled, twisted, symmetrical and asymmetrical.

My next step is to get fully on relational, I plan on doing that by being sensible and making good decisions.

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